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How to use the CSA lien database:

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Take a tour of the lien process:

1. Log in to your NetCSA account. If you don't have one, click here to register.


2. Click on Company liens under the member services menu


3. Insert company name and search by prime or owner


4. Select the matching item from the drop down


5. Click on “View liens” to view an itemized list of liens


6. Click on “View Graph” to generate a visual depiction of that company’s lien history.


7. Notice the number of liens jump between 1997 and 1998, denoting the start of a trend which ultimately led to NL Barnes Construction bankruptcy.


A lot of money is lost by sub's just like you and with CSA this loss is totally preventable.


CSA lien report benefits allow you to:

  • Identify potential dead beats
  • Use risk pricing where appropriate as indicated by a company's past payment history
  • Use the liens database to know when to be more aggressive with collections
  • Easily monitor your ongoing relationships, because even great companies go bankrupt.


Confused or need assistance?

Contact CSA directly at (408) 727-2252