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How to use the CSA notice of completion database

A missed notice of completion is fatal to your lien rights.

A recorded completion limits the time window to 30 days in which to record your mechanics lien. With the CSA completions database, you need never lose your lien rights again.

Using CSA's notice of completion database is fast, easy, and effective.


Take a tour of the completion process:


1. Log in to your NetCSA account. If you don't have one, click here to register.


2. Click on Job completions under the member services menu


3. Insert company name and search by prime or owner


4. Select the matching item from the drop down


5. Click on “View comps" to view an itemized list of completions



The completions report displays the date the notice of completion was recorded. Thirty days after that date, your lien rights disapear forever.

CSA completion reports benefits allow you to:

  • Actively monitor and protect your lien rights
  • Timely record a mechanics lien... the best collections tool available.
  • Make use of the cheapest collections insurance possible.

Confused or need assistance?

Contact CSA directly at (408) 727-2252