Get paid, every time.

We believe in letting our actions speak louder than words.

For nearly 20 years the California Subcontractors Association has protected the rights of hundreds of subcontractors. The definitive source in California’s subcontractor industry, CSA provides the most current and up to date contractor credit worthiness database available. With industry proven best practices thousands of clients have benefited for our services.

Included is a small selection of the countless emails, faxes, flowers, etc. that we receive year after year from our happy clients.

Our job begins and ends with you. It is our chief priority to surpass your expectations, each and every time.


  • Wallboard Construction
  • Sound Design Acoustics
  • Advance Interiors
  • Cascade Metals
  • Additional selected testimonials
    Wallboard Construction :

    "In the couple of months that our Corporation has been a member of California Subcontractor's Association, I have found that they are very dependable and efficient. They have taken care of all the paper work I have no time for.

    CSA's step by step collection procedures have been very useful when demanding rights of payment to contractors. I have found that all projects that I have brought to CSA have been followed up and prompt pay has been reached in a matter of weeks.

    I am very happy with the job CSA is doing and I have no doubt that they will continue their fine work for many years to come."

    Sound Design Acoustics

    "Thanks for providing a much needed service to the Construction industry.

    We are pleased with the effectiveness of your services and updated source of information in the Construction field.

    I am looking forward to doing more business with you!"

    Advance Interiors

    "I want to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with your professional services.

    In tracking a project from the 20-Day Notice to the Notice of Completion to filing a Mechanic's Lien, when necessary, you have saved my staff invaluable time for performing other duties. You have, as is necessary, acted in quick and accurate manner.

    We also appreciated your recently acting on our behalf on a collection manner. Your acting as the third party made the situation much less offensive for all concerned.

    We look forward to our continuing good relationship with you."

    Cascade Metals

    "We have been in business almost 40 years in San Jose. In all these years we have been very fortunate that it has not been necessary to place a lien on any of our jobs. (That is true for our first 39 years.)

    However, in 1986 we started noticing a different climate in the construction business. The old saying, "Things aren't done with a hand shake anymore", was certainly very evident. For the first time in many years we found ourselves needing to learn more about liens and lien laws. We sent several of our key people to lien law seminars. They came back with reams of information, (Loaded for bear). Of course, the next day business was hectic so they thought, "Tomorrow I will try to digest all that information and become proficient in liens." You all know the story, every day is too busy, and everyone is too busy. So--- after the seminars we still aren't sure how to lien.

    Well, enter CSA, a life saver. We read in a trade journal about their services; it sounded too good to be true for the small fee they were asking. We said, "Let's give it a try." We can't express the great fast service they provide. All we have to do is lift the phone and it's all done. CSA even goes to the county personally and releases the lien when paid, if necessary. The one service they offer for [$20.00] is worth a million. It's called an "intent to lien." It looks very legal and urgent. It warns them first of your intention to lien, goes to builder, owner and lender. Really gets action fast, and no one is offended. We don't know how we ever got along 39 years without them!

    What did we ever do without you? We are so glad you came into our lives!"

    Additional selected testimonials:

    "The most valuable class I have ever taken with respect to cash-flow and my business."


    "We get immediate attention when we utilize your techniques and the problem accounts become paid accounts."


    "It's amazing! When we apply what we learn, we get a prompt call saying 'it just so happens that' our check was written today! Thanks!"


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