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CSA | Get paid, every time.

Revolutionizing the industry from the inside out, CSA brings to market an entire suite of managed tools and services designed from the ground up to keep you making informed choices, and enforcing as well as protecting your payment rights.

Broken into two separate categories, “Research” and “Protect your money”, virtually every aspect of the CSA services are accessible with a single click.

With an emphasis on ease of use and customer satisfaction, CSA’s full service suite provides members with the on demand information they need, served how they need it. Users enjoy three different levels of membership, each one further tapping the potential of CSA’s services:

Basic membership

Basic membershipFREE – This introductory membership is absolutely free and does not expire. Basic members have full access to every available CSA service, but do not enjoy the discounted rates of other memberships. New users will also receive a complimentary company background lien report, a complimentary Notice of Completion search, and even one issue of our coveted weekly bulletin (a $185 value).

Register for Basic Membership:

Standard membership

Standard membership - $245/yr – In addition to the features of the Basic membership, Standard members enjoys largely discounted rates- up to 50% in some cases. Also as a part of the Standard membership, attorney referrals are available and phone consultation offered at no additional charge.

Standard Membership:

Platinum membership

Platinum membership - $670/yr – Truly the priceless package; Platinum members enjoy all the features of the previous two memberships but also gain an unparalleled edge over their competition with CSA’s coveted weekly bulletin. An invaluable tool; 52 issues throughout the year (a $495 value) this bulletin contains all up to date data on Mechanics Liens and Notices of Completion filed in Northern California Counties. Additionally, Platinum members often enjoy early access to emerging technologies and services before CSA releases them to the public.

Platinum Membership: